The Benefits of membership with
The International Association of Respiratory Therapists

The International Association of Respiratory Therapists has a wide portfolio of benefits for its members. For more information, please fill out this form to be contacted by one of our membership representatives.

Worldwide Leaders in HealthCare

Highlighting the professional biographies of those who have attained greatness in the field of respiratory therapy, being published in Worldwide Leaders in HealthCare is an honor limited to those individuals who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in their hospital, practice, and community.

Distributed world-wide to thousands of members, physicians, and healthcare institutions, inclusion is a tribute to your success, but also opens up a myriad of opportunities for professional networking and career growth. Your biography will be featured on a full page, displaying your education, background, and areas of expertise.

Certificate of Recognition

Upon acceptance into the International Association of Respiratory Therapists, members are awarded a Certificate of Recognition. Each certificate is personalized and contains the IART platinum seal of authenticity.

Beautifully designed, and an enhancement to office or home décor, The Certificate of Recognition serves as a third party endorsement of your personal and professional achievements.

Network with Like-Minded Professionals

With thousands of respiratory therapists from all fields and walks of life, there is no better place to collaborate on ideas and network with like-minded professionals.

Upon setting up your profile, you will be able to chat with other members both locally and around the world. It is also a great place to share information and get feedback from other respiratory therapists. Here, you can create discussions, set up live meetings with certain groups, and create podcasts.

Discount Network

With costs continually rising, The International Association of Respiratory therapists has set up prime partnerships giving you discounts to major retailers and local chains. We have also set up discounts designed especially for respiratory therapists; giving you discounts on scrubs, healthcare books and other work related products.

Honorary Wall Plaque

Solid wood and laser engraved, the IART wall plaque is a personal tribute to the success you have attained throughout your career.

It acknowledges you as a Top Respiratory Therapist in your area, and is a reminder of your great achievements. Best displayed in a place where your patients can see, the IART Honorary Wall Plaque is sure to be a great conversation piece.

Press Release

The International Association of Respiratory Therapists Press Release showcases your inclusion in the IART and highlights your career achievements in your hospital, practice or community. The press release is prepared by the editor at the IART, and is sent out to all major search engines and RSS feeds. Now upon Googling your name, the search results will feature your accolades and career achievements.

Career Growth and Enhancement

At the International Association of Respiratory Therapists, we strive to enhance the careers of our seasoned professionals, but also help guide and foster those who are new to the industry.

We have created a job board to help our members find placement in hospitals, private practices, and agencies in their area.

The International Association of Respiratory Therapists has also started a mentor/mentee program to help those who are new in their career make the best decisions for their future success. We can all remember the fear and anxiety of trying to figure out this industry, and where we will make the biggest difference.

Our Mentor/Mentee Program has proven to be extremely successful in cultivating young respiratory therapists for success, and rewarding the experienced by allowing them to bestow their knowledge upon others.